GameServerInfo - Custom.dat [S4 - S15]

below you can find GameServerInfo - Custom.dat [MuServer\GameServer\Data]

Remember, if you're using lower Seasons use only this functions and formulas which are available in your config file!



Hidden Content


; Custom Arena Settings

CustomArenaSwitch -> Custom Arena state (0=Off/1=On).
CustomArenaVictimScoreDecrease -> Custom Arena decrease score on death.
CustomArenaKillerScoreIncrease -> Custom Arena increase score on killing.

; Custom Attack Settings

CustomAttackSwitch -> "/attack" command state (0=Off/1=On).
CustomAttackEnable_AL0 -> "/attack" utilization state  (0=Off/1=On) (Free).
CustomAttackEnable_AL1 -> "/attack" utilization state  (0=Off/1=On) (Vip1).
CustomAttackEnable_AL2 -> "/attack" utilization state  (0=Off/1=On) (Vip2).
CustomAttackEnable_AL3 -> "/attack" utilization state  (0=Off/1=On) (Vip3).
CustomAttackBuffEnable_AL0 -> Auto buff state  (0=Off/1=On) (Free).
CustomAttackBuffEnable_AL1 -> Auto buff state  (0=Off/1=On) (Vip1).
CustomAttackBuffEnable_AL2 -> Auto buff state  (0=Off/1=On) (Vip2).
CustomAttackBuffEnable_AL3 -> Auto buff state  (0=Off/1=On) (Vip3).
CustomAttackPickEnable_AL0 -> Auto pick state  (0=Off/1=On) (Free).
CustomAttackPickEnable_AL1 -> Auto pick state  (0=Off/1=On) (Vip1).
CustomAttackPickEnable_AL2 -> Auto pick state  (0=Off/1=On) (Vip2).
CustomAttackPickEnable_AL3 -> Auto pick state  (0=Off/1=On) (Vip3).
CustomAttackRequireLevel_AL0 -> Required level to use "/attack" (Free).
CustomAttackRequireLevel_AL1 -> Required level to use "/attack" (Vip1).
CustomAttackRequireLevel_AL2 -> Required level to use "/attack" (Vip2).
CustomAttackRequireLevel_AL3 -> Required level to use "/attack" (Vip3).
CustomAttackRequireReset_AL0 -> Required reset to use "/attack" (Free).
CustomAttackRequireReset_AL1 -> Required reset to use "/attack" (Vip1).
CustomAttackRequireReset_AL2 -> Required reset to use "/attack" (Vip2).
CustomAttackRequireReset_AL3 -> Required reset to use "/attack" (Vip3).


; Custom Attack Offline Settings

CustomAttackOfflineSwitch -> "/offattack" command state (0=Off/1=On).
CustomAttackOfflineGPGain_AL0 -> Can gain Goblin Point while offline (0=No/1=Yes) (Free).
CustomAttackOfflineGPGain_AL1 -> Can gain Goblin Point while offline (0=No/1=Yes) (Vip1).
CustomAttackOfflineGPGain_AL2 -> Can gain Goblin Point while offline (0=No/1=Yes) (Vip2).
CustomAttackOfflineGPGain_AL3 -> Can gain Goblin Point while offline (0=No/1=Yes) (Vip3).
CustomAttackOfflineEnable_AL0 -> "/offattack" utilization state  (0=Off/1=On) (Free).
CustomAttackOfflineEnable_AL1 -> "/offattack" utilization state  (0=Off/1=On) (Vip1).
CustomAttackOfflineEnable_AL2 -> "/offattack" utilization state  (0=Off/1=On) (Vip2).
CustomAttackOfflineEnable_AL3 -> "/offattack" utilization state  (0=Off/1=On) (Vip3).
CustomAttackOfflineBuffEnable_AL0 -> Auto buff state  (0=Off/1=On) (Free).
CustomAttackOfflineBuffEnable_AL1 -> Auto buff state  (0=Off/1=On) (Vip1).
CustomAttackOfflineBuffEnable_AL2 -> Auto buff state  (0=Off/1=On) (Vip2).
CustomAttackOfflineBuffEnable_AL3 -> Auto buff state  (0=Off/1=On) (Vip3).
CustomAttackOfflinePickEnable_AL0 -> Auto pick state  (0=Off/1=On) (Free).
CustomAttackOfflinePickEnable_AL1 -> Auto pick state  (0=Off/1=On) (Vip1).
CustomAttackOfflinePickEnable_AL2 -> Auto pick state  (0=Off/1=On) (Vip2).
CustomAttackOfflinePickEnable_AL3 -> Auto pick state  (0=Off/1=On) (Vip3).
CustomAttackOfflineRequireLevel_AL0 -> Required level to use "/offattack" (Free).
CustomAttackOfflineRequireLevel_AL1 -> Required level to use "/offattack" (Vip1).
CustomAttackOfflineRequireLevel_AL2 -> Required level to use "/offattack" (Vip2).
CustomAttackOfflineRequireLevel_AL3 -> Required level to use "/offattack" (Vip3).
CustomAttackOfflineRequireReset_AL0 -> Required reset to use "/offattack" (Free).
CustomAttackOfflineRequireReset_AL1 -> Required reset to use "/offattack" (Vip1).
CustomAttackOfflineRequireReset_AL2 -> Required reset to use "/offattack" (Vip2).
CustomAttackOfflineRequireReset_AL3 -> Required reset to use "/offattack" (Vip3).
CustomAttackOfflineRequireMoney_AL0 -> Required money to use "/offattack" (Free).
CustomAttackOfflineRequireMoney_AL1 -> Required money to use "/offattack" (Vip1).
CustomAttackOfflineRequireMoney_AL2 -> Required money to use "/offattack" (Vip2).
CustomAttackOfflineRequireMoney_AL3 -> Required money to use "/offattack" (Vip3).
CustomAttackOfflineMaxTimeLimit_AL0 -> Maximum offline time (Minutes) (Free).
CustomAttackOfflineMaxTimeLimit_AL1 -> Maximum offline time (Minutes) (Vip1).
CustomAttackOfflineMaxTimeLimit_AL2 -> Maximum offline time (Minutes) (Vip2).
CustomAttackOfflineMaxTimeLimit_AL3 -> Maximum offline time (Minutes) (Vip3).

# SYNTAX = /offattack #

; Custom Event Drop Settings

CustomEventDropSwitch -> Custom Event Drop state (0=Off/1=On).

; Custom Jewel Pack Settings

CustomJewelPackSwitch -> "/pack" command state (0=Off/1=On).
CustomJewelPackMaxSize -> Maximum pack size (1 size=10 jewels).
CustomJewelPackEnable_AL0 -> "/pack" utilization state  (0=Off/1=On) (Free).
CustomJewelPackEnable_AL1 -> "/pack" utilization state  (0=Off/1=On) (Vip1).
CustomJewelPackEnable_AL2 -> "/pack" utilization state  (0=Off/1=On) (Vip2).
CustomJewelPackEnable_AL3 -> "/pack" utilization state  (0=Off/1=On) (Vip3).
CustomJewelPackRequireMoney_AL0 -> Required money to use "/pack" (Free).
CustomJewelPackRequireMoney_AL1 -> Required money to use "/pack" (Vip1).
CustomJewelPackRequireMoney_AL2 -> Required money to use "/pack" (Vip2).
CustomJewelPackRequireMoney_AL3 -> Required money to use "/pack" (Vip3).
CustomJewelPackCommandJoBSyntax -> Jewel of Bless name.
CustomJewelPackCommandJoSSyntax -> Jewel of Soul name.
CustomJewelPackCommandJoLSyntax -> Jewel of Life name.
CustomJewelPackCommandJCRSyntax -> Jewel of Creation name.
CustomJewelPackCommandJoGSyntax -> Jewel of Guardian name.
CustomJewelPackCommandJGMSyntax -> Gemstone name.
CustomJewelPackCommandJoHSyntax -> Jewel of Harmony name.
CustomJewelPackCommandJoCSyntax -> Jewel of Chaos name.
CustomJewelPackCommandJLRSyntax -> Lower Refining Stone name.
CustomJewelPackCommandJHRSyntax -> Higher Refining Stone name.

# SYNTAX = /pack <JEWEL_NAME> <SIZE> #

# SYNTAX = /unpack <JEWEL_NAME> <SIZE> #

; Custom Store Settings

CustomStoreSwitch -> "/store" command state (0=Off/1=On).
CustomStoreMapZone -> Allowed map (-1=Any).
CustomStoreEnable_AL0 -> "/store" utilization state  (0=Off/1=On) (Free).
CustomStoreEnable_AL1 -> "/store" utilization state  (0=Off/1=On) (Vip1).
CustomStoreEnable_AL2 -> "/store" utilization state  (0=Off/1=On) (Vip2).
CustomStoreEnable_AL3 -> "/store" utilization state  (0=Off/1=On) (Vip3).
CustomStoreRequireLevel_AL0 -> Required level to use "/store" (Free).
CustomStoreRequireLevel_AL1 -> Required level to use "/store" (Vip1).
CustomStoreRequireLevel_AL2 -> Required level to use "/store" (Vip2).
CustomStoreRequireLevel_AL3 -> Required level to use "/store" (Vip3).
CustomStoreRequireReset_AL0 -> Required reset to use "/store" (Free).
CustomStoreRequireReset_AL1 -> Required reset to use "/store" (Vip1).
CustomStoreRequireReset_AL2 -> Required reset to use "/store" (Vip2).
CustomStoreRequireReset_AL3 -> Required reset to use "/store" (Vip3).
CustomStoreJoBCommisionRate -> Percentage of Jewel of Bless lost on each transaction.
CustomStoreJoSCommisionRate -> Percentage of Jewel of Soul lost on each transaction.
CustomStoreJoCCommisionRate -> Percentage of Jewel of Chaos lost on each transaction.
CustomStoreWCCCommisionRate -> Percentage of WCoinC lost on each transaction.
CustomStoreWCPCommisionRate -> Percentage of WCoinP lost on each transaction.
CustomStoreWCGCommisionRate -> Percentage of Goblin Point lost on each transaction.
CustomStoreJCRCommisionRate -> Percentage of Jewel of Creation lost on each transaction.
CustomStoreJoGCommisionRate -> Percentage of Jewel of Guardian lost on each transaction.
CustomStoreJoHCommisionRate -> Percentage of Jewel of Harmony lost on each transaction.
CustomStoreGCRCommisionRate -> Percentage of Ruud lost on each transaction.
CustomStoreCommandJoBSyntax -> Jewel of Bless Store type.
CustomStoreCommandJoSSyntax -> Jewel of Soul Store type.
CustomStoreCommandJoCSyntax -> Jewel of Chaos Store type.
CustomStoreCommandWCCSyntax -> WCoinC Store type.
CustomStoreCommandWCPSyntax -> WCoinP Store type.
CustomStoreCommandWCGSyntax -> Goblin Point Store type.
CustomStoreCommandJCRSyntax -> Jewel of Creation Store type.
CustomStoreCommandJoGSyntax -> Jewel of Guardian Store type.
CustomStoreCommandJoHSyntax -> Jewel of Harmony Store type.
CustomStoreCommandGCRSyntax -> Ruud Store type.
CustomStoreJoBName -> Jewel of Bless Store name.
CustomStoreJoSName -> Jewel of Soul Store name.
CustomStoreJoCName -> Jewel of Chaos Store name.
CustomStoreWCCName -> WCoinC Store name.
CustomStoreWCPName -> WCoinP Store name.
CustomStoreWCGName -> Goblin Point Store name.
CustomStoreJCRName -> Jewel of Creation Store name.
CustomStoreJoGName -> Jewel of Guardian Store name.
CustomStoreJoHName -> Jewel of Harmony Store name.
CustomStoreGCRName -> Ruud Store name.

# SYNTAX = /store <STORE_TYPE> #

; Custom Store Offline Settings

CustomStoreOfflineSwitch -> "/offstore" command state (0=Off/1=On).
CustomStoreOfflineGPGain -> Can gain Goblin Point while offline (0=No/1=Yes).
CustomStoreOfflineMapZone -> Allowed map (-1=Any).
CustomStoreOfflineEnable_AL0 -> "/offstore" utilization state  (0=Off/1=On) (Free).
CustomStoreOfflineEnable_AL1 -> "/offstore" utilization state  (0=Off/1=On) (Vip1).
CustomStoreOfflineEnable_AL2 -> "/offstore" utilization state  (0=Off/1=On) (Vip2).
CustomStoreOfflineEnable_AL3 -> "/offstore" utilization state  (0=Off/1=On) (Vip3).
CustomStoreOfflineRequireLevel_AL0 -> Required level to use "/offstore" (Free).
CustomStoreOfflineRequireLevel_AL1 -> Required level to use "/offstore" (Vip1).
CustomStoreOfflineRequireLevel_AL2 -> Required level to use "/offstore" (Vip2).
CustomStoreOfflineRequireLevel_AL3 -> Required level to use "/offstore" (Vip3).
CustomStoreOfflineRequireReset_AL0 -> Required reset to use "/offstore" (Free).
CustomStoreOfflineRequireReset_AL1 -> Required reset to use "/offstore" (Vip1).
CustomStoreOfflineRequireReset_AL2 -> Required reset to use "/offstore" (Vip2).
CustomStoreOfflineRequireReset_AL3 -> Required reset to use "/offstore" (Vip3).
CustomStoreOfflineMaxTimeLimit_AL0 -> Maximum offline time (Minutes) (Free).
CustomStoreOfflineMaxTimeLimit_AL1 -> Maximum offline time (Minutes) (Vip1).
CustomStoreOfflineMaxTimeLimit_AL2 -> Maximum offline time (Minutes) (Vip2).
CustomStoreOfflineMaxTimeLimit_AL3 -> Maximum offline time (Minutes) (Vip3).

# SYNTAX = /offstore #

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